What is Introvertster?
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Introvertster is an online anti-social non-networking community that prevents people from ever bothering you while you're online

How does it work?

Introvertster allows you to create watch lists that not only helps prevent unwanted chat invites or stupid email, but you can export the list to the FBI's Anti-Terrorism Survelance Taskforce or local law enforcement. Thank you God for the U.S. Patriot Act!

How do I use Introvertster?

Just create a quick profile and add your friends to your personal watch list. Or use our prepopulated lists like American Idol Viewers, Anyone from Arkansas, Ford Mustang Owners, The French. We create new lists each month to help you keep more and more people away!

Can I use Introvertster for dating?

That's a really stupid question. Introvertster is not for you. Go away.

Should I use Introvertster if I am not single?

Sure, you can use Introvertster to keep away anyone from lonley friends to old chums from high school looking to wax nostalgic about the old days.

Why not just set your online status to Away or Invisible?

That's also a really stupid question. Introvertster is for inteligent people who only seek to speak with other educated and well informed persons at a specified time and place. Can an online status do that for you? Didn't think so. Go away.

How many people can I keep from bothering me using Introvertster?

A lot! More people than living in China that's for damn sure. How many exactly depends on how you use Introvertster. It could be hundreds or thousands. It also depends on how many people are successfully prosecuted after you turn them into the FBI or local law enforcement for stalking.

What does it cost to use Introvertster?

During the beta trial, Introvertster is free. After the beta trial, basic membership will cost about the same as a basic membership to your local NPR or PBS station. The price is high but can you really put a cost on peace and quiet or just being left alone?

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