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Saddam, 56, single *wink*, from unknown location in Iraq, (member since June 2002) says:
After I saw that Jr. Bushtard was elected I knew I would need something to keep him from pestering me. But I forgot about it cause I was preoccupied with tourturing people, building new palaces, and throwing some slammin Mother of All Parties for me mate Osama. Anyhoo, a few years later I received a CD from AOL for 2450 hours of free Internet access and decieded to try it out. As soon as I logged on sure enough I get a message saying: "POTUS258 has sent you an invitation to chat". Yegods! Does Little W. have a day job or what? So I get Introvertster and within seconds peace and quiet was restored.
Bjork, 34, whatever, from Iceland (member since August 2002) says:
Hey are you going to print this? I will totally kick your ass if you print this. Dog houses eat pancakes. Ask me if I'm a fire truck. Ha! No, I'm not a firetruck. Idiot!
Al, 59, married to Tipper, from Tennessee (member since August 2002) says:
After a long process of grieving and finding the courage to start a new life and a new way to serve the American people, I was soon taunted online by some person calling himself "POTUS258". Normally I would just have the fellas in Secret Service take care of this matter but they said Introvertster worked better than anything they had, and it would help their job security. And it keeps Steve away from constantly cursing at me and telling me how insanley great he is. As if.