1600 Cherrywood Ln.

In the quiet little community of Laurelwood, tucked in a corner of Tustin, California there is a power struggle in the making. One would think it was an election year with all the propaganda, gossip, and finger pointing going on around here. There is a movement to roust old hat leadership from our homeowners association. The current board board of directors appears to be a clique filled with some members who have held their position for more than 15 years. In an organization that is supposed to have yearly elections clearly something is wrong.

I hear in my ear that the current president is afraid that he will loose the status he has held for thirteen years. He should be concerned, because there is a well organized group of free-thinkers who have had enough of the star chamber style decision making (as described by the group seeking new leadership). The concerned citizens has distributed a list of questions that challenge what our board has been doing for some time. Good questions that make a person start to think, “yeah…what is going on around here!”

It’s politics at it’s best and worst. Best because of the quality of challenge that has set forth, and worst due to the lack of reaction of our current board.

What might have been a great battle of dialect, prose, and debate looks to become a successful take over bid without resistance. Then again, there are still a couple of weeks left. I’m crossing my fingers for a full-fledge power struggle, Footloose style.