When New Orleans and the surrounding area are rebuilt it would be great if Rural Studio was somehow involved. I have no idea what can or will be salvaged from the wreckage but this group has the knowledge and experience to build incredible structures from scraps of material, the kind that will likely be in ample supply in a month or two.

The studio was founded in 1993 by two architect professors from Auburn University as a way to give students hands on experience with planning, designing, and building structures while improving the living conditions of people in a poverty stricken county of Alabama. The results of their hard work and creativity are stunning. Their portfolio of work includes community structures, churches and homes that could easily fit on the cover of Dwell or Metropolis magazine. Everything they create is study of fantastic forms and off-angle contemporary features created with materials found or salvaged, like old traffic signs, car windshields, and unfinished lumber.

This is not to say that citizens in the affected areas should be left to rebuild with what’s left in the aftermath, and I doubt they will be asked too do so, but I imagine that the people at Rural Studio have the ability to stretch resources farther than the average developer while producing works of architectural art.