Podcasts, people. I want to know what podcast, blogcasts, whatevercast you are listening too and why.

Later today I have a long flight across the contiguous 48 states without the benefit of DirectTV ALA JetBlue — stupid, no-DirectTV, Continental Airlines — so I need some content to listen too.

I’ve found a few good subscriptions through the normal channels: NPR and KCRW, and thankfully happened upon Digg Nation about a month ago.

Now I want to find more good quality programs but as I’m new to this I thought I would ask around to see what’s good and not necessarily what’s popular or in with the Adam ‘Podfather’ Curry crowd.

So, back to my original question: What podcasts are you listening too and why?

P.S. My problem with comments being improperly filtered continue. In some situations you, the person commenting, are being told that your comment has to be approved. Yet, when I log in, there is nothing to approve, delete, or what-have-ya. If you’re receiving this message after submitting a comnment please email your comments and I’ll post them as soon as I can.