97 Bottles.

Unreal Tournament 2004 was released today without much fanfare or to-do. My friend and I were expecting lines or mobs but instead found more people interested in anything but Unreal. Just six months ago we stood in line for several hours at this very store in order to buy Warcraft III Frozen Throne.

Upon purchase I opened the box to find no less than 5 install CDs (and 1 more just to play the game!) and a hard drive space requirement of 5.5 Gigs. It took approximately 20 minutes to install the large game. Installing software has become so effortless that I almost forgot how bad it used to be in the old thyme days.

The last time I recall having to swap this much media to install anything was back in the early 90’s. That precious pre-CD-ROM era (that was right before the known Internet kids) that required 12 ‘floppy’ disks to install programs like Aldus Pagemaker. When the CD-ROM drive became standard equipment I thought the time of sitting in front of a machine and feeding it disks for twenty minutes was over. The humans had won.

I don’t know what kind of shift or moment this should be called but there I was, in the year 2004, sitting in front of a machine and feeding it discs for twenty minutes.