Airbag Industries


This morning I came upon two websites make disturbing and direct references to 911 in their designs.

Australian INfront’s splash page features a design piece using American and German corporation logos that have been arranged in the shape of a jet plane. Helping to form the body of the airplane is a short commentary which starts, “I pilot a weapon” — to the left of these words is a silhouette of the World Trade Center. This artwork suggests that the commercial designer is a terrorist just as deadly as the ones who attacked on 911 and that they will carry out attacks just as blatant as those who plunged real planes into real buildings and killed a lot of people.

Perhaps even more extreme is D414 which features the burning Twin Towers in the background while a trendy techno track beats away. Their ‘rescue’ theme continues with (what I assume to be) a NYC Fireman standing in front of Ground Zero, a woman clutched in his arms. This image is used again in a downloadable desktop image (stationary/screens/screen2), only this time the woman is seen to say, “Oh, thank you D414” to the fireman.

In both cases the designs are very offensive — maybe even too offensive. Australian INfront’s casual use of these comments and visuals are too cold to be used as design commentary and serve no other purpose than to take a cheap shot in effort to somehow look and sound brilliant.

Meanwhile, D414‘s use of the burning World Trade Center and a NYC Firefighter as design elements for their public image is callous and distasteful to say the least. To use this imagery in hip-hop fashion so recklessly is a frank display of ignorance and self absorption.