About Airbag

Airbag Industries is the personal website of Greg Storey. It started in 2002 and thus far has had a pretty good run.

This site was originally designed and developed by Greg and built on the Movabletype, one of the first content management systems that helped bring about blogging as an easy-to-use format for publishing on the Internet. That site ran strong for a good twelve years on a Mac mini before it gave out for good.

You are using the third version of this site. It was designed by Greg, developed by Stephen Caver, and engineered by Jesse Gardner (who did a tremendous job migrating all of the site’s data from the old server). As a website is never finished, expect to see changes from time-to-time.

The site features a single typeface, FF Franziska, to provide a better reading experience. Franziska was designed by Jakob Runge as part of his graduate study in typography and continued to improve with the help of the folks at FontFont. As a side note: Helvetica sucks.

This site currently uses a combination of Github, Hugo, and Netlify to store, manage, and serve the content. Forestry is used as a visual interface for editing the stories and links.

About the Name

The name came from the need to have a blog title starting with the letter “A” because, at the time, search engines (Google) did not exist. Instead, there were only directories (Yahoo, AltaVista) that were often listed in alphabetical order. Around the same time, there happened to be a lot of historical content on World War II as the fiftieth anniversary was around the corner, including new books and television programs on airships like the amazing USS Macon—the centerpiece of the iconic branding. Knowing that the content of the site would likely be driven by a lot of hot air, it seemed appropriate to call the site Airbag and feature the imagery of airships from long ago.

About the Studio

From 2005—2009, the Airbag brand was used for an independent, boutique digital studio. More on this later, for now just know that it was a glorious time.

About Greg Storey

Greg is a designer of over thirty years of experience. He started his career at the dawn of desktop publishing but learned graphic design through the old ways. He graduated college around the same time as the debut of the World Wide Web and began designing for the Internet and hasn’t stopped. Since then, he has lead digital design teams for all types of organizations from non-profit to Enterprise. He has lived in Alaska, California, Texas, and now resides in the Pacific Northwest.