In case you missed The Choice 2004, last weeks two hour Frontline special on President Bush and Senator Kerry, it is now available for viewing online. This program takes a good look at both of these men through their personal and political history in the most impartial way I’ve seen to date.

Culled from more than fifty interviews with the candidates’ families, friends, colleagues, and political adversaries, “The Choice 2004” takes a hard look at the character, experience, and worldviews of Bush and Kerry and illuminates defining moments of their lives with rare archival footage. The program also examines both candidates’ decision-making on going to war in Iraq.

Says producer Martin Smith, “these two men couldn’t be more different. Bush leads from the gut, Kerry from the head. Bush is drawn to certainty, Kerry embraces complexity. Bush is ambitious, Kerry is more cautious and conservative.”

I watched this last week and found it very interesting with a few tidbits that I’ve never heard from the cable news crap being thrown about these days. For anyone who has avoided listening or reading the sensationalism found in print and on the air, The Choice 2004 is well worth the time and potential emotional investment.

And as always, the group at WGBH has done a spectacular job with providing more in-depth information on the web for those who have alredy seen the program.