Aim High.

Today I was told that seeking money doesn’t make a person happy.

“I buy that”, I thought to myself. Money has never been a high priority to me.

But then I was told that striving for success doesn’t make a person happy either.

“Okay”, I thought, “now this guy’s just breathing through his mouth.”

His argument continued that helping others and serving a good cause is much more worthwhile and redeeming. He had books to prove it.

What the gentlemen failed to add to this argument was that his wife is a surgeon (no, really) who likely makes money in such quantity that it is delivered in truckloads. Leaving him completely free to fight the good fight without a care or desire in the world.

Here is where some would say, “it must be nice”, but I contend that a man or woman without the desire to succeed in some fashion or another is very boring, a mouth breather, and living in a van down by the river.