Airbag Industries.

This morning I received official word from the nation of Canada that has been suspended and is pending immediate removal from the World Wide Web.

As you read this, diplomats are in route to Ottawa to negotiate a peaceful resolution to this situation. God bless those men and women who are willing to sacrifice their lunch break for this website.

Should diplomacy fail, this website will no longer be found at the current address.

Hold no ill-will towards our fellow brethren in the North. They are good people and are entitled to their laws and the enforcement thereof.

Today I ask for your help in spreading word of an address change. If you will, please add a link to Airbag (or change the current one) with the new address,, to your website, blog, miniblog, RSS feed. Or paint it on the side of your car, that works too. By doing so it may be possible to squash future rumors of my demise and put an end to ‘page not found’ errors.

It has been my pleasure to entertain you over these many years and I look forward to many more. Thank you for the support many of you have already shown.

Normal word service will resume shortly.

UPDATE — I think I finally have everything fixed and working with the new domain. I wasn’t prepared to have to move so quickly and thus kept discovering places where a domain change was required.

Comments are back. Broken images are fixed. Movabletype templates are back in order. And all maple products in the house have been thrown away.

Just kidding on that last part.

Thank you to all who are helping spread the word. I really appreciate it.