Are you freaked out yet? Truthfully there has been a little fear swimming around in the back of my mind. For mostly no reason other than no matter where you turn there is increasingly bad news, stupid news, about the economy. If you swallow everything the Talking Heads are trying to sell verbatim then I’m sure you’re stocking up on duct tape and Visqueen.

Not wanting to get into a tailspin of worry and fright I have found the best source of calm to be the bank. I use two banks and have been to both in the last five days to make deposits.

One in particular, a commercial bank, is nothing but calm and relaxed. I keep looking for signs of panic but have seen none. Either everyone is eating the right brownies or they really aren’t worried to the point of over turning desks, starting small fires with shredded paper, and hoarding the candy jars. In fact I get the sense that they would love nothing other than to see the troubled institutions collapse so they can point and say, “Ha, ha, subprime is for suckwads”. Of course these folks are far from the boardroom but their sense of calm has certainly been a nice oasis from the world-ending panic that has become pervasive across anything that can broadcast a signal or hold ink.

This morning Ryan sent me a link to a post Seth Godin wrote a few days ago that puts current events in a completely different frame of mind.

Growth is frightening for a lot of people. It brings change and the opportunity for public failure. So if the astrological signs aren’t right or the water is too cold or we’ve got a twinge in our elbow, we find an excuse. We decide to do it later, or not at all.

Inc. magazine reports that a huge percentage of companies in this year’s Inc. 500 were founded within months of 9/11. Talk about uncertain times.

But uncertain times, frozen liquidity, political change and poor astrological forecasts (not to mention chicken entrails) all lead to less competition, more available talent and a do-or-die attitude that causes real change to happen.

If I wasn’t already running my own business, today is the day I’d start one.

I think this morning I’m going to relax a bit and take the road less traveled by. It takes ten minutes longer to get to work but the path runs right through the Laguna Canyon and some of the prettiest country in Southern California. And then I’m going to sit down at my desk and revise plans for taking over the Interactive world.