Basketball has been both energetic and exciting, but across the Pacific, nations are competing in South Korea and Japan in true football fashion, a true show of competition . My only regret is that I do not have cable television so my coverage comes via a special subscription to Yahoo’s FIFA club.

Last night, the Toni Awards reminded me that, like NPR, there are delightful alternatives to pop culture. So many great shows, it is clear that another trip to New York is necessary and as soon as possible. This time I’ll go out of my way to see more of what Broadway has to offer.

While there, we’ll make time to take the train up the coast and see what the East Coast is all about. Plane travel is so stale and its such a waste of time — the long lines, taking off of shoes, and general waiting around.

This weekend a Nintendo Gamecube, Indigo of course, found it’s way into my home and in front of the television. How can so much joy come from something so small? This fantastic looking appliance that is sure to win design awards and it plays fantastic games with titles like Super Monkey Ball. PC games look almost boring now.

The pumpkins are starting to poke through the soil in the secondary garden. Digging, planting, and watering is a nice alternative to sitting in front of this blasted laptop. The extra Vitamin E is a nice bonus.

Today, I think I’ll take side streets to work.