As I recall it was a slightly balmy day due to the sun burning brightly through the August mist.

Normally there would have been an absence of the sun altogether, leaving us with nothing but drizzle and rain, but on this particular day we weren’t having any of it so the rain took the day off and left us alone.

The early afternoon went according to tradition and on schedule. On occasion a breeze would come and go, offering small glimpses of cool relief across the lawn.

And then, as if ripping a Hallmark card off the shelf and stomping on it with stilettos — you know the kind — a car ripped through the peace as it rounded a corner on a gravel road. As the vehicle drew closer, the sound of rocks crashing against the side of the car drowned out any chance of listening to anything anyone said. It screamed and hummed as the gears made their way up and down the shifting diagram.

Trees and hedges prevented a full view of the commotion, blocking all visual access of the intruder. Members of the party shifted in their seats, trying to be attentive while politely craning for any kind of view through to the other side.

The car stopped and pop radio filled the audible spectrum replacing the now silent engine. The driver’s door opened and closed very quickly — this person was in a hurry, this person was late. Heads in the crowd turned slowly, as if synchronized, following the sound of feet pounding gravel in a steady sprint.

Rounding the row of trees and jogging up the grassy hill was a somewhat familiar friend who was now facing a mob of glares. She grabbed the first chair available in order to avoid further embarrassment.

With the unorthodox interruption come and gone everyone’s attention was brought back to where it should be, center stage.

Minutes later I looked over at Cecily (the person you have come to know as the Rocket Scientist), brought my hands up to hold her face and kissed my wife for the very first time.

That was ten years ago.

Upon reflection I consider myself a very, very blessed man. At the core of my success and well being is the most loving, brilliant and beautiful person I know. Without her my life would be a dull drizzle of August rain.