This evening, while Bush yammered about becoming more and more like Scandinavia, I spent a little time on Technorati. Looking through a list of sites that reference Airbag in one way or another I found a link to an entry I wrote about iPods back in October.

Clicking through I found not just a link and/or a quote of my work but the entire entry reposted word-for-word on a website I have never seen or heard of before.

He, she, it, the thing that owns this site, reposted my work in it’s entirety without asking if it was okay by me (which it’s not, write your own content fool). In fact the “Apple Information Blog” is made up of nothing but other people’s work, word-for-word.

Normally I would walk down to the garage, hastily assemble some Roman hardware and start nailing but it just so happens that only days ago I was talking to a lawyer about this very issue. His blog, his work, is often being re-issued in it’s entirety by a competitor and in a similar fashion — I told him to get to an Army Navy Surplus store and grab a flame thrower but he’s a bit more civilized than I.

So for the sake of continuing that conversation I’ll put down the cross and nails and ask you, isn’t this plagiarism? Me thinks yes, very much so.