Last week I barely stepped into my office when the phone rang which was a bit strange because that doesn’t happen too often at six in the morning.

The person calling was a clerk who needed to verify Ryan’s full-time employment. They were a bit out of sorts because Airbag doesn’t have a corporate presence like it should. They were confused because we don’t have a typical company website nor do we advertise in the yellow pages (which I thought was the strangest of all their criteria). I provided answers to their queries about Airbag’s fillings and official documents with federal and state agencies and that was that.

Unfortunately it’s getting harder and harder to fly this ship under the radar.

I don’t have a big ego about how this company is perceived to the web browsing public at this time and so building a new all-powerful company site with portfolios, missions statements, and process diagrams hasn’t been high on the priority list. It’s more important that we get to work with great clients and do good work for them.

Fortunately that list keeps growing with bigger names and better clients, all without having to alter this website but that convenience is quickly becoming a nuisance. We’re not going to be able to stay underground for much longer.

That includes the following statement:

Airbag Industries is a full-service provider of web services from information architecture to design and development to deployment. The company is based in Aliso Viejo, California with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Press may contact Greg Storey, Principal, Airbag Industries for more information or to inquire how people can wire money directly into Airbag’s international accounts. It’s hard to convey how very cool it is to hand-select the people you get to work with. Both Ryan and Ethan bring their A-game to the job every day and continue to add to the Airbag culture. I’m the lucky one, that much I know.

So now we are three and our kung-fu is unbelievably strong. And yet despite this growth I have a feeling we’re going to need more ninjas real soon.