For years I have been trying to move my workplace onto open source software. And now the powers that be have heard me.

This morning I was asked how feasible it would be to move from Microsoft SQL/Cold Fusion to MySQL/PHP.

We have an opt-in subscription service with hundreds of thousands of addresses. Our current technology plan is to move to Cold Fusion Enterprise which uses multi-threading to send these messages out very, very quickly.

If I can show that PHP has similar capability then I’m pretty sure I get this place looking at Penguins, not Windows.

Any help with this matter is appreciated. Also, the next update will have nothing to do with technology. I promise.

The Day After

The office is a buzz as we’re scrambling to prepare for our complete migration to LAMP (Linux/Apache/mySQL/PHP). Everyone is excited and looking forward to learning new languages and processes. Half my staff is on the phones and the web looking for training in the next few weeks. I haven’t seen movement like this in a while — good stuff.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment or email with help and guidance.