Approximately four minutes into it, I finished taking this year’s survey, The Survey For People Who Make Websites. It was all smooth sailing until I hit question thirty-nine:

  1. Do you find web design to be an exciting profession?

Web design exciting? I remember design being very exciting from 1994 to 1999 when it seemed that new tricks and methods were being discovered every other day. Back then to be a web designer meant that you were constantly on the edge, pushing the frontier of a new world. I mean until you know what it was like to read Powazek’s column that documented how to use this newfangled HTML tag called “tables” or browse through Studio Archetype’s 1998 Nagano Olympic Winter Games…and these are just two events in a medium whose then-short history already seemed to be brimming with game-changing events.

It’s not as exciting as it was, but I suppose that’s to be expected when you’ve been with a brand new industry since the beginning, watching it mature and become mainstream. This isn’t a stab at the quality of work that I see these days—a lot of it is really, really great work—but I don’t know that I find it as exciting as it once was.

Today, my enthusiasm comes from getting to work with the amazing talent we have at Airbag, working with friends and colleagues from time to time, and sometimes arguing, sometimes laughing, but always working with really great clients.

So, honestly, I answered the question “Yes – once in a while” but what I wanted to answer was “Dear question Thirty-Nine, I don’t like you very much, you make me feel old and grumpy. And oh, by the way: I find your mom to be very exciting. Suck it.”