More companies, no matter their customer base, would do well to take a page from Adult Swim’s playbook. When the world is melting around our ankles any touch of humor is appreciated. Especially when you can write it like this:

Adult Swim is a celebration of nature, friendship and leather crafts. We specialize in soft rock, novelty muffins, custom typewriter cases and industrial tarpaulins. We also pride ourselves in presenting highly popular television shows and videogames for adults in a format that is almost perfect for viewing on a computer that has the internet running. has been voted “Best Site to Visit While You’re Supposed to Be Working” for eight consecutive years now, which may mean that we held the title before we even existed, we’ll have to check our records.

Personally I like to throw in a dash of humor at the expense of the Amish or Arkansas but novelty muffins is a great substitute.