At High Noon.

This is a slow week in the world of comics. That’s fine because last week was a little too big for my liking. Aside from the books I listed last week, I also picked up Cowboy Bebop #1 and #2, JSA #33, The Order #1, and Defiance #1.

Cowboy Bebop is a must have for fans of the excellent anime series and is becoming harder to find, get your back issues now. JSA is a title I hear good things about all the time and issue #33 featured the Wizard Best Comic of 2001 so how am I supposed to pass that up? Kurt Busiek adds another feather to his cap with The Order featuring many of the characters from The Defenders. Any time Busiek writes superheros is a good thing and should be purchased.

Lastly, Defiance #1 (Image Comics) was more of a personal buy because the writer, Douglass Barre, works at my local comic shop and I wanted to reward his achievement. The book is also a pretty good read and features hot artwork.

Here’s my picks for this afternoons trip to Tustin Comics, Toys & Toons:

  • DC
  • Batgirl #26
  • Detective Comics #768
  • Doom Patrol #6
  • Hawkman #1
  • Marvel
  • Avengers #51
  • Exiles #11

This week I am really looking forward to Hawkman #1, Doom Patrol #6 and Exiles #11. I’ve never been a hawk fan in the past but I like the premise of the new character and his appearance in JSA has created a lot of noise. Doom Patrol has been a wonderful surprise both in script and artwork ever since #1. This book keeps improving with each issue and I really recommend checking it out. Marvel’s Exiles has some of the same charm of Avengers Forever and is a fun read.

Find your local shop and have fun!