Attack Pattern Delta.

Last night I flew a Republic Snow Speeder through the walking legs of an Imperial AT-AT while detaching the tow cable that sent the giant menace to a snowy, Hoth grave.

It wasn’t a difficult task but moments earlier I had flown to close to a knee joint and blew up into vapor, leaving the walker unscathed.

If someone would have told me, twenty years ago, that I would be able to command the Rebel troops to stage an attack against the stomping AT-ST, while speeding across the planet Hoth, well I could have just sat in a round room and waited patiently for this very moment.

So far I have blown up the Death Star and successfully escorted a fleet of Rebel transport ships through a nebula while under the attack of sharp-shooting TIE fighters. And don’t forget Hoth, battle ground for one of the coolest Star Wars battles of all time.

Sure I’m all grown up but turn on my new Gamecube and I’m instantly transported back to the fifth grade when nothing but playing with Star Wars actions figures would do.

The time when running around with Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter, pretending to blow Rebel scum into space dust by pressing down on the button behind the cockpit, which made the toys ‘laser’ light up and make an 80’s electronic sound.

These moments were only tossed aside for new adventures that came with more action figures and vehicles, some from Santa Claus and birthdays, others paid for with paper route money.

Most of the toys are long gone. I kept the special TIE fighter that my Grandpa Storey bought for me shortly after seeing Star Wars in 1977. And there is the complete collection of Boba Fett action figures and special 12″ marionette doll that was sold only in Japan.

Today, I just need to find the code to unlock the Slave I so I can, finally, really be Boba Fett — with Han Solo on ice somewhere in the cargo hold. If I’m lucky there will be a future mission that will instruct me to blow up Jar Jar Binks.