Bad Host, Good Pizza.

The last time something was this frustrating was the time I tried installing LinuxPPC on a Powerbook. There is one difference and that is the support that Ben and Mena have given me and others at no extra charge. The only help I got from fellow LinuxPPC users was RTFM.

Anyway, on to this entry which concerns hosting and the majority of lackluster services that are highly affordable but good luck if you can ever get them on the phone, or reply to your email.

Such has been my experience with Los Angeles based, (link not provided because you just don’t want to use them). I suppose the name should have just shouted, “Run away, far away.” In fact, I probably would have been better off trying to make MT work on an AOL Homesite. But lets face it, paying $1 a month for hosting vs. $15-20 is very tempting.

But its not worth it. You want to try cheap hosting? Try this exercise first, kids you can try this with adult supervision, go into your kitchen and turn on an oven burner to HIGH…Wait 30-45 seconds and then place your head on top of the burner. After sizzling for a few seconds, take an ice cube and press it against your new tan lines. Repeat until large, pulsing headache beats from every angle of your brain.

My problem with cheap hosts has been with a lack of any customer support which is needed when MT can’t rebuild files because the server permissions are crap, or when MT isn’t able to send out email notifications. This is not the fault of Movabletype, it does what it is designed to do quiet nicely.

I’m Ok with email only tech support. I can understand why a company with high volume would choose that route. But I at least expect a 48 hour turn around time for a reply with the correct information I need to fix the problem. Instead I received a number of my emails returned 72-96 hours later with nothing but cut-and-pasted FAQ dribble.


For the last week I have been working with a local vendor who has excellent response times, knows me on a first name basis, and is someone I can trust to tell me the truth. Our problems have been learning permissions and OpenBSD. My new host is taking time to learn new stuff just to get me up and running! You won’t find that from most hosts.

I am sure you won’t have the long dramatic problems that I describe here, but if you are looking for a cheap host then try someone like or go for the Cadillac and check out Media Temple. A big plus is if the company has received is ICANN accredited.