• After two months of sheltering in place, the walls are starting to feel like they are closing in. Last week we drove a few miles out of town to pick up a delivery and kept ongoing. It felt good to see something different, something new. About forty-five minutes out, we got to a small town where it became apparent that other folks needed to get out too. I’m not in a hurry for quarantine to be over, but I’ll be glad when it is. Thankfully we managed to get our outdoor furniture, which means we can live outside for part of the day, and that’s helped a lot. I have to admit I started to envy the folks who have driveways and backyards.

  • I had no idea how many millions of Darwin worshippers there are on the planet. So many just carrying on like nothing is happening—pandemic, what?! Hanging out in parks, getting together with friends (outside a bubble), and inviting the neighbors over for BBQ! The funny thing is, I bet most of these folks would never lay down $100 on a Blackjack table in Vegas, but they’re quick to gamble their lives. Talk about the ultimate face-palm; now I understand why Jesus did what he did. After a few years roaming the Earth and he knew humans didn’t have it in them to make it through on their own.

  • Zoom has been both a blessing and a curse. Turns out that “Zoom fatigue” is real. National Geographic published an interesting piece on how too much video conferencing is “taxing the brain.” While the quality of video conferencing under Zoom has been phenomenal, the future workforce is going to need more ways to interact and stay connected. I’ve started to use the Phone app on my iPhone instead of Slacking a Zoom link, and that’s been helpful. Also, I’m surprised to find that most people don’t know you can do both audio and video chats within Slack. The toolset is not meant to compete with Zoom’s features that make it perfect for meetings and events like webinars, but it’s quick and works quite well for small group conversations.

  • I got into the Valorant closed beta this week. It has been a long time since playing a game on a PC (In my case, a dual booted a MacBook Pro equipped with a Radeon Pro 560x, it does the job). Going from controller to keyboard and mouse has been weird but not as challenging as I thought it would be. Valorant hasn’t made the transition easy. One of the core tenants of the game is gun accuracy. Meaning the games doesn’t provide aim assistance. It’s still fun and reminds me of playing Return to Wolfenstein many, many years ago.

  • I posted this to Twitter earlier this week, but it’s worth repeating here, I don’t know who the design team is at Riot Games, but they are killing it with their web design right now. I love the art direction, page compositions, color palettes, type choices—all of it. Very nice work.

  • While I still intend to pick up the Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox (because it’s so damn cool looking), I’m not sure about buying into the next generation of consoles later this year and instead might switch to a Razer laptop.

  • Lastly, I enjoyed reading Ethan’s article on the gluttony of frameworks (my words, not his). Whatever trade-offs we’ve made by moving into the frequent use of these systems, it seems clear that the costs have been pushed to the user in loss of time and a severe increase in data usage. There’s another cost in the energy and materials resources it takes to push and pull all of that data. One website might not be a big deal, but look at the numbers with a million sites, and my guess is we’d need a serious forest of trees to offset the carbon generated by all of this extra code. Another keen observation about these frameworks—none of them are geared for accessibility or performance.

Be well y’all and don’t leave the house without a facemask on!