Just as I’m preparing to ramp up creative production on personal work here and in other places, I feel as though I’ve been hit by a virtual Mack truck in the middle of a quiet street. Last week I posted a quick little jab, and you may have even seen it. Not that a huge amount of work went into that effort but it definitely took more than a few minutes to get everything just the way I wanted.

Hours after posting I noticed something I had not seen before: other websites posting my content verbatim (or in some cases with a different headline of their own choosing) with a link labeled thusly: “via”. That’s “via”. As in, “I found the content from someplace else and are passing it through to the next person.” In my day if you reposted someone else’s content you attributed the source either by quoting said material, and/or posted a label that started with the word “from.” I don’t recall seeing this just a year ago and it makes me wonder if someone needs to change the filter in the global water cooler.

Look, I’m not Merlin Mann here. I am under no delusions that any of the posts here at Airbag are worth a plugged nickel. But the change in word usage for attributing the source of the content is rather odd and potentially problem-causing in the future. Perhaps it’s not so much a legal matter (rest in peace Stephen Ambrose), but more of a how do we prevent homo sapiens from devolving back into monkeys.