In my pre-launch lack of sleep delirious state I have decided that I’m going to buy a village somewhere in Pacifica and use the locals for production work.

Each morning I will address the gathered multitudes and I will say, “Good morning people of Puwannie Poo Poo, today we are going to finish the glorious website for our benevolent client.” Then we’ll do some sort of small group trust building exercise, followed the name game (it’s going to take me a while to learn everyone’s name), and some short work with the medicine ball.

We’ll all go back to our swanky huts, log into Basecamp, AIM, start the iPods and crank out good work. Of course the medicine man will do what he does best while the guys who drew short straws earlier in the morning will go fishing or hunting so we can all eat (tracked through Basecamp to-dos of course). And after every successful launch we’ll have a huge party that ends with throwing all of our computers, project files, and half-finished Starbucks into the volcano.

But first, I am going to need a float plane.