Being Carl Spackler.

Most of you know my distaste for programming. It’s why this site is full of sweet validation errors and many yummy HTML hacks carried over from the last century.

Playing with Javascript, tweaking stylesheets — just reading about XML is enough to drive me to the top of the nearest bell tower with a dear riffle and a bag of roasted peanuts.

A few days ago I received a guide that will help bring this site and my skill sets in accordance with global standards of the web design industry. And from what I’ve read so far, it’s enough to get me off the bell tower.

For most designers the vocation of writing perfectly validating code is no big deal. They do it everyday, sometimes during breakfast.

Alas the time of hiding, whinning, and excuses is over, writing stable, forward compatible code is here, and it will seperate the men (and women) from the Frontpage user (who come in a variety of genders).

So why make a big deal about this? Well there’s always the chance that I’ll get another mention on The Daily Report but more importantly I believe there are others out there who are in the same sinking boat that I am.

We don’t want to believe the H.M.S. Browser just hit a colossal ice berg, or that inevitably the ship will sink into an icy grave and we don’t like really cold water but it sure beats having to read one more word about transitional XHTML.

Thankfully the orange book will keep us from Davey Jones and the Frontpage User Band.

And come hell or high water, Airbag will be reborn. It will validate and hopefully serve as an example of how anyone can fight City Hall and win, or at the very least create a website that even the blind can see.