Today this site turns one year old.

I want to thank everyone for helping make Airbag the best damn website just Ten Miles to Disneyland.

A special thanks goes to the gentleman from New York who was kind enough to like this site and then send his readers over to take a look. There are several others whom fit in this category but I’m not about to go Halle Berry.

When I started I wasn’t sure how well this site was going to work out because I was accidentally taught English as a second language. In fact I write most entries as an outline and then let Microsoft Word’s Grammar Checker fill in the blanks — Wil Weaton has his 50,000 monkeys, I have Office XP, it all works out in the end.

Besides, who can go wrong by making fun of the French or the State of Arkansas?

My only regret is not migrating this site to use Cascading Style Sheets like everyone else on the Internet has. I find this task as satisfying as buttering individual waffle squares, so several of my attempts never made it beyond the ‘alpha’ phase.

Thank you again for your patronage it has been my pleasure.