Exactly when did lying around naked become the prefered method for protesting?

Give me angry mobs flinging Molotov Cocktails and avoiding tear gas canisters any day. I get that — message received. Stick it to the man and all.

But this new practice of getting together and laying around or walking completely naked… what the hell is that?

Seriously dude, do you think I’m going listen to your point of view while you’re flopping around for all to see. The answer is, no, I’m not. Instead it will only cause a mild disruption in my stomach and make me want to skip lunch.

And hey naked lady, do you believe anyone is going to listen to your rage when you’re completely topless? Certainly not the dude next to you who’s hanging pony in public and for sure not anyone witnessing this half protest, half love-in. For all the good you want to do, wouldn’t it be better for your cause for people to listen to your words and not oogle at your headlights?

Now let me apologize for some of the crass remarks used here but I’m just not sure how to get my point across. It’s almost as if no one has ever heard of second hand indecency!

Last time I checked the way to get your point across was to write editorials, participate in public debate, make posters, or campaign door to door. One on one communication is always the most affective.

Getting naked in public is the best way to win the ‘Most likely to be a Dork’ award in high school or the Big Bobs Brewhouse ‘Ms. Best Chest’ trophy. It is not a way to effectively communicate an alternative idea or solution to today’s geopolitical and geoeconomic problems.

I can only hope this new fad quickly fades, because I would really hate to see American presidential politics end up as a full frontal event.