Why do restaurants force their employees to line-dance? Of what purpose does this serve? It certainly doesn’t make the food taste any better and to suggest that it ads to the ambiance of the place is laughable.

It’s as bad as that dammed birthday ceremony performed by a group of people who mostly shouldn’t be in the food service industry let alone performing songs in public. Like the birthday song, the line-dance is also performed by people who are there to serve food, not shake it on the ‘dance’ floor.

I understand gimmicks. Barnum and Bailey used gimmicks but they were running a circus, not a circus trying to pretend it’s The World’s Greatest Place to Eat.

Line dancing is where I draw the line. It’s painful for both sides of the menu. As a customer I expect to be able to eat food and share conversation with friends and family sans the poorly choreographed presentation of the Chicken Dance.

As for the employees, oh these poor people who once had a shred of dignity. They have to check their pride at the door because some schmuck in a suit thought it would be fun if all the employees stopped serving food (which is their primary business) and start dancing, and a hooting and hollering during a particular song.

This is what piano bars were invented for. This is why ancient man created strip clubs. And at least the strippers get tips for their performance. I seriously doubt if Mr. Whitey adds an extra 10% because Phil or Sally executed a flawless Macarena.

Dancing exhibitions might have been fun but it’s gone on for long enough and it’s downright inhumane. If these people were animals, the local shelter would be called in to take them back to the pound, have them neutered, and try to place them in a good home.