Blue Thunder.

Genesis, that wacky solar atom catching device from NASA, has crashed into Earth. It was supposed to have deployed a parachute to slow down enough for Hollywood stunt pilots to grab it with the helicopters they were flying.

The Genesis return capsule crashed in the desert on Wednesday after its parachutes failed to deploy. The craft missed a mid-air retrieval meant to save the spacecraft from hitting the Earth.

“The capsule has suffered extensive damage. It has broken apart on the desert floor,” said an official on NASA TV. “Hopefully, there will be enough evidence to see what went wrong. Whether there will be enough science left inside remains to be seen.”

NASA officials at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California said that long-range cameras did not detect the parachutes that should have slowed the craft.

“There was no drogue chute or parafoil,” said a JPL spokesman. “Under those condition, the Genesis capsule hit the ground at about 100 mph.”


What is it with NASA these days?

Are we not funding them enough or is this, and all the other fiascos, the result of poor leadership and management? Hmmm, maybe they all need to go back to those cool buzz cuts they all had in the 50’s.

So much for visiting the moon in my lifetime. Damn.