My longer-than-expected, un-intended, un-paid, dumb “sabbatical” is finally at an end. The last nine months have been exhilarating, fun, stressful, depressing, eventful, and then non-eventful. I spent more time talking to cats than any grown man should. I’m glad it’s over.

I traveled more than I thought I would which led to making new friends and reconnecting with a few people I haven’t talked to in years. I also got to spend more time with family than I have in a while. Looking back, things were not as horrible as they felt at the time, and I’m incredibly lucky to have had those opportunities.

Airbag signed two clients in 2015, which means I’ll be able to celebrate the company’s ten-year anniversary (soon and in full-on Storey Style). Boy, talk about your highs-and-lows…I don’t think I’ll bother putting together a Keynote deck for that party. I intend to write more about this, but for now, let’s get to some great news.

Next week I will begin a new chapter in my career.

I have accepted an amazing position at IBM Design in Austin. A few years back IBM initiated a massive design program dedicated to a big, bold vision for the future. Today there are four hundred designers in the program, and hundreds more to come. IBM Design itself is bigger than any place I have worked before, yet it is tiny when you consider there are four hundred and twenty-five thousand employees around the world. As a Design Practice Manager, I will step into a new position on a new team that will work across all of IBM’s business divisions. From what little I know about my role, I’m in for an incredibly crazy ride.

Thank you to everyone who went the extra mile for me in the last nine months, I won’t forget it. To the Austin digital community-at-large, thank you as well for your support and selfish desire to have me stay in Austin. I’m not going anywhere.