1.  Windows XP Professional has amazed me. Installed it on a Pentium II MMX 233 MHz and damn if it’s not 10 times faster. Its very nice but Macintosh v.X still has my heart.

2.  If you’re not reading Captain Marvel, then you’re missing the Starman of the Marvel Universe. This is my first Peter David comic and it’s worth every penny. Highly recommended!

3.  The new Chemical Brothers CD, Come with Us is a lot of fun and I have been listening to it every day for the last two weeks. By the way, it’s time to show your support and pledge to KCRW, the coolest NPR station in the United States.

4.  I’m going to SXSW in March and wanted to take the train but alas I think its the jet age for me. I wanted to try a different method of transportation but Amtrak will have to wait.

5.  Been addicted to Quake III Arena lately. Nothing beats a good game of multiplayer capture the flag. I’m looking forward to playing Return to Castle Wolfenstien.