Broken L.

This afternoon I went to the Fashion Island Apple Store to get replacement headphones for my new iPod.

Earlier today, the left side blew out somewhere between Massive Attack and David Bowie’s 1.Outside. So instead of a nice bass sound, I got more of a thud followed by a half-second scratch.

Not cool. At all.

Especially when I just bought the damn thing almost four weeks ago.

And especially when Apple touts these headphones as nothing short of a miracle in audio design due to the “Neodumium transducer magnets [used for] enhanced base response, smoother midrange transitions, and accurate high-end reproduction.”

To make a long story short the tiny, four-eyed, dirt under his finger nails, no social skills what-so-ever, black jeans wearing, Steve Job wanna-be, Apple ‘Genius’ yelled at me for trying to play the wrong music on my iPod, because it wasn’t designed to play that kind of music.

It went something like this:

— Look you can’t play music like this (Massive Attack) with these headphones.

— What do you mean, I can’t play music like this? I’ve been playing music like this for the last three weeks without a problem.

— Exactly, you can’t play music like this.

— What?

— These headphones are not designed for this. I can replace them today but if these break you won’t get anymore.

— !@#$%

So much for customer service. I might as well have gone to the South Coast Plaza Apple Store.

It was just that bad.