By Macy's.

Yesterday was, for the most part, a big yawn and dissapointment. Independence Day, the day we celebrate our freedom from tyranny and tea tax, seems to have gone the way of Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Easter. Another special holiday spoiled by rampant commercialism and money grubbing opportunist.

This patriotism-for-a-buck combined with our ‘at war’ mind set has made much of this special date in our history seem like just another Valentines Day.

Yesterday American Flag vendors could be found everywhere in Southern California. They were on street corners and freeway exits, small town gatherings and grocery stores.

But we’ve been at this for so long, this All-American holiday now seems like just anyother day of the year. As Haley (by way of [Ryan]( remarks,”It’s been the 4th of July every day all year, since September 11th.”


Last nights television coverage of New York’s July 4th celebration felt more like the New Years Eve coverage with corporate sponsors and all. The biggest difference being the host, Sam Seaborn (aka Rob Lowe), instead of Plastic Man (aka Dick Clark)

I just wonder if anything is left to hold sacred and dear. Has this country really become a just a large money making free-for-all? Is this how Rome fell?

I’m afraid of what the real answer is, and now I wonder if I should call the Canadian Consulate and request entry into America Jr., the last real America.