I have learned perhaps the most “Pro of Tips” for the iPhone. It comes from Mr. Nevin Lyne, whom I had the pleasure of introducing the “Rainey Street Pub Crawl” yesterday afternoon.

While enjoying a frosty cold beverage at Javelina, I noticed that his iPhone, placed face down, flashed occasionally like a mini strobe light. As I had never seen this happen before my left eye-brow naturally raised slightly tipping off Nevin that I was curious about what I had just seen.

Typically, when the iPhone receives a SMS message, it flashes on the screen for a few seconds. Long enough that if the phone is placed face-up, it draws the attention of everyone within range, not just the intended recipient. This is potentially awkward enough that most of us place our phones face down but this also prevents us from seeing said message. Unless you have the sound turned up, then it’s difficult to know when a SMS has been received.

Until now, thanks to Nevin.

If you look at your iPhone when its face-down you’ll notice that the camera and the flash face “up.” Fortunately, Apple thought through how to use the flash to alert the user when a message has been received. You’ll find this brilliant feature under Settings > General > Accessibility. Scroll down to “LED Flash for Alerts” and turn it “on.” The camera flash will now blink when a message comes through but no where near as bright as when the flash is used while taking a photo.

It’s quiet. You won’t miss it. And it looks pretty cool.

That is all.