Today brings good news for content creators. It has to do with a magazine that used to be an ugly duckling but is now the swan and a fruit company that has managed to appease the leeches and mongooses.

Slate magazine is making money. And they are making money with online advertising revenues.

Since I can remember, there has always been the promise of content being a revenue source on the web. Up until this morning, the only content that was making any money is the kind with naked people doing yoga.

I don’t see this as the big thing (the bubble is gone, long live the bubble), after all Salon has to hold a bake sale every six months just to keep the electricity on, but it is encouraging to see that publishers now have hope. If one publisher can find a way to black then certainly others can do the same. And perhaps even more content will make it’s way back the web.

Later this morning Apple is rumored to debut new applications that will make it possible for users to download music legally. Finally everyone (distributors, creators, lawyers) have found a new method of distributing copywritten material via the net that they can all agree on.

How soon before Microsoft or some Windows based application provider can make the same announcement? Who knows but certainly once Apple has effectively demonstrated the process and the technology, something will be done. No one can just ignore the vast majority of Windows users.

Before I have the reach for the independent publisher/producer flame retardant, keep in mind that more content brings more readers, listeners and maybe someday viewers. While you may not like it, commercial content helps grow the pie.

And today that pie is much bigger and sweeter.