I am loving Google’s new search service based in China. It’s faster and brings up only the most relevant results without having to be some kind of search engine algorithm enthusiast.

To see the new Communist regime friendly tools in action calls for a bit of compare and contrast. For example, lets search for the word Tianamen using the liberty ridden, freedom-of-speech-top-heavy American version against China’s lean, ultra fast and filled with only the most relevant results that censors can provide — each and every result reminding us that living under communist rule is clean, comfortable, and good for business.

The American version is filled with the same picture of some strange person admiring a group of parked tanks (I found similar results using Google for other NATO member nations and others, bah). Whlie the Chinese version displays fewer results, all of the images are of happy and healthy Chinese people posing together, smiling and having fun in front of the Imperial Palace Grounds.

Now I ask you, which search engine results would you prefer? The one that results in hundreds of redundant and silly images of a military armor enthusiast looking at tanks, or pictures of happy people having a good time in the ole’ People’s Republic?

Simply put Google China goes way beyond other versions and takes out all the bad search results of the world so that you don’t have to worry about what’s Yankee propaganda and what’s a Sailor Moon fansite. It certainly makes knowing what to click on a whole hell of a lot easier.

I’ve heard rumor that upon using Chinese Google, the great Shahs of Iran have asked the search engine giant to come and index their Internet too. They are tired of searching with the word Jews and being bombarded with thousands of results about a “Holocaust” in the 1940’s.