Checking Out.

Why do hotels put the ice bucket, drinking glasses, coffee brewing machine and coffee grounds in the bathroom? Of all the places in a hotel to store this stuff, they choose the water closet? I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would do this at home, yet this is perfectly acceptable once you have agreed to stay in a hotel. And you pay for this!

Try doing this at your next dinner party … have a theme like, On the Road or I Drive a Buick or Trailer Park: Under the Sea. Put all your drinking glasses, ice bucket (add tongs if you’re trying to make a great impression) and drink inventory in the guest bathroom. Wanna go for broke and pretend its a Motel 6? Put the napkins right next to the glasses.

But, you ask, what if a guest is doing the pee-pee dance while Phil is pouring himself another Ginger Ale? Not a problem, just make a Do Not Disturb sign that can be placed on the doorknob! No ones gonna mind because tonight you live like kings! You’re living the high-life, the life of the road. Ohh, ahh, eew?

Lastly, if you want to make it a candle light dinner, and who wouldn’t, it’s a theme dinner after all, then try pressing your steaks with a iron instead of using that domestic outdoor grill. If you’re not the talk at the water cooler the next day, then just knowing the dinner was AAA Approved will be thanks enough!