Cheech Plus Chong.

I’ve spoken with a more than a few people in the last few years who have the opinion that President Shrub is a great American. He’s honest and sincere. And who can forget that he’s also a self titled “compassionate conservative.” But I don’t buy it.

Now I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, or Communist — a politician is a politician and I don’t believe any of them are really, truly, honest or compassionate. Especially once they have made it to the big leagues.

So it came as little surprise when I found the following story:

It was July 4, 2001, and we were both at one of those things that the late historian Daniel Boorstin would have labeled a “pseudo-event”: A church picnic in Philadelphia, designed to help George W. Bush promote his faith-based policies. I was working at the time for a local nonprofit that had helped set it up, but I had some serious misgivings about the president’s performance up to that point, and being a part of the whole operation had left me feeling a bit like a pseudo-person. So when I had the chance to shake Bush’s hand, I said, “Mr. President, I’m very disappointed in your work so far. I hope you only serve four years.”

His smiling response was swift: “Who cares what you think?”


In his defense it’s possible he was suffering from another drug flashback at that moment. And who wouldn’t snap if you’re suffering one of those!

Addendum — In order to be fair and non-partisan as possible. wink

It appears that John Kerry could also use a lesson in acceptable Presidential behavior. After falling on a ski slope due to an accidental brush with a Secret Service agent, Kerry called the man a not so nice string of three words (not displayed here to protect the innocent and Pennsylvania Amish). This strikes me as odd considering the very man John unloaded on is sworn to protect him at all costs, including but not restricted too, taking a bullet for the presidential hopeful.

What an asshat.