A few nights ago a SOLD marker replaced the BY APPOINTMENT ONLY on top of a for sale sign in front of my Orange County home. After five years of good times and hardship we are migrating north-west for greener pastures and a shorter commute. I’ve got enough miles on the train that they have named a freight car after me, I only wish they would have used Myriad, not Brooklyn Kid.

Meanwhile, the design devaluing competition heats up with more angst and entries continue to trickle in from all over the world. Apparently holding a design contest is right up there with clubbing baby seals and laughing at cancer patients. Who knew?

And if you happen to browse the January/February issue of Communication Arts don’t be in such a hurry to read the article on blogs where Airbag gets a mention for being part of the Design Eye for the Usability Guy. Instead, please turn to Guns, Butter and Ballots (page 14 in your CA) in which the redesign of the Presidential daily briefing memo gets top billing. The article goes on to highlight other initiatives by citizens to improve our government through better design.