1. If you preorder the new Moby CD from Amazon, they will give you access to a streaming version until the album is released on May 14. It’s a pretty cool idea and works very well. I have been listening to 18 for a couple days now and so far the only downside is the lack of enthusiasm I have for this album. Play was much, much better.

  2. Last Sunday’s Futurama featured the all star cast of Star Trek minus one Dr. Bones. I love this show, mostly because it hits every MTV Generation bone I have. Fantastic writing but I admit that you have to really be into geekdom to get most of the non-verbal humor.

On the flipside, The Simpsons needs to go. It should have exited stage left about two years ago. Matt, take a page from your rhythm-guitarist-Steven-King and let Homer go out on top.

  1. I’m getting tired of Batman (I read comics). His counter persona Bruce Wayne has been accused of murder. Rather than deal with it, Bruce deciedes to flee prison and pretends to go on the lamb all-the-while choosing to be Batman full time. The character is so full of himself I feel like I’m reading about someone like David Hasselholf. Yucky. At least Scott McDonald does a fantastic job with the art work.

  2. If you use Windows and like gaming then I urge you to download the 180mb demo of Dungeon Siege from Microsoft Games. It’s a combination of Gaunlet, Bauldar’s Gate, and Diablo II and features full Open GL-3D goodness. It is amazing how nice virtual game worlds are looking these days. It won’t be long before we have photo realistic realms of fantasy and fiction to go and play around. How long before we see the first person to live 24/7 in a virtual world?

  3. Other media digestion: Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris, Temple of Low Men by Crowded House, Charter of the New Urbanism by Congress for the New Urbanism, The Rants, Raves & Thoughts of Fidel Castro by OYO Publications, Songs Yet to Be Sung by Perry Farrell, and Vanity Fair — April issue.

ENCORE — Amazon is so stinking slow. I just now tracked my order for The Borne Identity and see that Jeff Bezos had to go back to December 31, 1969 to find a copy and bring it back for processing in Roseburg, Oregon. I hope the Delorian is okay?!