Many of the web elite (more like kings of the A/V club) find passion and sport in bad mouthing two of Seattle, Washington’s largest corporations: Microsoft and Starbucks.

Today I will speak in favor of the latter. Again.

I have stood here, at this very spot — mostly alone — fending off the boo sayers and the stone throwers while I write about the Mermaid and her many wonderful coffee experiences.

Mind you, I love Pirate Peets just as much as the next Chris Prillo or Ryan Irelan. Indeed I spend many Washingtons on Peets drinks every week but there is seldom need for defending my patronage. Because Peets is cool, almost as cool as Star Trek the Next Generation Season I on DVD.

Well geeks, nerds, and faux gourmets (that should include all of you), I have something to say to you! I have been given a new defense against all of you suckas who would have anything bad to say about Starbucks.

It is stronger than Captain America’s shield, mightier than the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet, and more powerful than any double shot slammed just two seconds after extraction.

And so here it is, without further ado:

William Gibson genuinely likes Starbucks.

So, ha! Put that in your iced latte and suck it!