A co-worker once remarked to me that old people should be turned into food to help feed a much younger generation. His argument followed that after a certain age a human ceases to become a productive member of society and therefore should just give up the ghost and call it a day.

Keep in mind this guy lives in a remote village on a large island off the coast of Alaska. He has a lot of time to formulate ideas with the five other people living inside his head.

I was reminded of this yesterday as I watched Mr. Weller, 86, hobble behind his lawyer looking very unaware and uncaring that he had just killed 9 people and injured 45 (some still in critical condition).

What pisses me off is that this probably could have been avoided. Here is a guy who has lived his whole life, he is on the down slope of a bell-curve, and his recklessness managed to destroy persons who had much of their life still ahead of them.

No alcohol or drugs, just a natural lack of brian synapses.

You know, Whoop-see Daisies.

I believe it’s time the federal government should take action and prevent further preventable catastrophes.

We should reverse course and quadruple the budget for SETI with the new mandate of finding Brian Dennehy.

Once we have made contact he will come, gather our older population, and take them into space where they can live happy and no where near a moving vehicle.