Uh, yes hello? Yeah I just want the Fortune 500 world to know that like my brand new friend, Christopher Nelson, I am available to blog full-time for $100k a year.

We can settle the health benefits later, the important thing is that we get started right away. Of course blogging about the Dukes of Hazard is already being done (damn you Country Music Television!) but I can think of at least four, no, make that five other ideas for blogs that would make white-hot marketing mouthpieces:

  1. Spatulas, Spatulas, Spatulas

  2. Caltrans Toll Roads

  3. North Dakota, Today

  4. Pimp mySQLLook, if you’re serious about skyrocketing word of mouth, driving mad traffic to your website, and selling more products than China can make in a day let’s talk. And make it soon, I bet Scrivs is already registering the domains right now.