Complaint Department.

An instant message conversation with Dan; edited for easy May afternoon reading.

Hivelogic: what happened?

Akula_IX: what happened with…

Hivelogic: your website

Akula_IX: you mean shortage of entries?

Hivelogic: yes, you’re basically defunct

Akula_IX: not defunct. have a new boss and need to read more.

Hivelogic: ahh. (… defunct)

Akula_IX: I’m not defunct

Hivelogic: sure.

Akula_IX: why defunct?

Hivelogic: gone.

Hivelogic: no more.

Akula_IX: Dean Allen doesn’t write something for 10 days, that doesn’t me he’s defunct.

Hivelogic: no, but he is dean allen.

Hivelogic: he is the winston churchill of weblogs

Akula_IX: he’s a nut case.

Akula_IX: so I take it you are dissapointed?

Hivelogic: sure

Hivelogic: yours was the only thing left on the web to read

Akula_IX: oh

Akula_IX: I didn’t know you held my work in such esteem

Hivelogic: now, nothing. your site is gone.

Akula_IX: sorry, didn’t mean to let you down. I will work on it straight away.

Hivelogic: is it you or the rest of the web?

Akula_IX: quit it, its not gone!

Hivelogic: put THAT in your pipe and smoke it

Akula_IX: weeping

Hivelogic: it’s sad to see the whole site dissapear

Akula_IX: it’s like I’m being talked about in the third person…

Hivelogic: i know!

Akula_IX: so, if I was to post, right now, then my site would appear again?

Hivelogic: really?

Akula_IX: please make the bad man go away

Hivelogic: cool

Hivelogic: i keep saying that

Akula_IX: thank you for IMing the Airbag Complaint Department. Your IM is always appreciated at Airbag.

Hivelogic: neat!

Akula_IX: 🙂

Hivelogic: regular expressions in java are harder than in php

Akula_IX: I was just about to ask.

Hivelogic: anyway, if you hear anything about airbag, let me know.

Akula_IX: You will be the first to know.