We’re actively working on a completely new website for Airbag, the company, but it’s far from ready and I’m too antsy to show off some of the work we’ve finished in the last month or so.

Last April, we were contracted to help redesign to be a better, more engaging place for people to stay informed on social issues and get involved with causes and related non-profits. The new site features a complete makeover, including a design system that enables the cause spaces to hold up on their own. Through this project we have had the fortune of developing a strong friendship with Ben Rattray (CEO) and we’ve already started the next phase of design and development work that will make stronger, smarter, and more effective. While Stephen did almost all of the heavy lifting for this project we had the absolute pleasure of working with Meagan Fisher, who crafted the look and feel of ten of the causes included in the launch.

Red 5 Studios

Airbag has been at Red 5’s side going on four years now. We were there to help formulate ideas and deliverables for the much talked about Golden Ticket Campaign and then moved forward by creating a new site that represents and facilitates the company’s growth in people, creativity and innovation. The new site features artwork from their amazing in-house design department and a better publishing system with the capacity to display content in multiple languages. Ethan and Ryan deserve a lot of credit on this project as they did a lot of the work to get the site to where it is today. Mr Irelan built the site using Radiant—at the client’s request—and a fair amount of custom development work.

School of Visual Arts: Interaction

Star of An Event Apart: San Francisco, Liz Danzico chose Team Airbag to help create the website for the new and exciting interactive program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. When I heard there was a need for print work, I suggested hiring Heads of State and then we could use their work as the art direction for the website. I’ve always wanted to work with/near those guys and this turned out to be a great opportunity and I’m happy with the results. Once again, Ethan and I collaborated on the design, while he and Ryan developed and shipped the site.


It’s not every day that you’re asked to architect, design, develop and deploy a small social community. So we jumped at the chance to create Clinician1 from the ground up. Stephen, Drew, Ethan, and Ryan worked together to create a new community space for Nurse Practitioners. We were having so much fun that we invited Brian Warren to join the party and help Ryan with the heavy lifting on the site’s construction. The finished product looks a tad different from what we came up with but all-in-all it was a great project to add to the book and another first for Team Airbag.

Welton Investment Corporation

While we can not and will not take any credit for the design work, we will jump up and down when asked, “who built this handsome site?” Welton has been a really good client and since helping them develop and deploy their new site, we have already made several new additions under the hood. Ryan continues to do most of the heavy lifting while getting Stephen to lend a hand from time to time.

Peels Prairie Provinces

Wicked Worn is well represented here. Seems like just yesterday when we handed over the design and templates to the good folks at the University of Alberta. I love that we were given free reign to create the look and feel for this online collection of historical work. The worn look runs through our veins and it was great to go nuts and have almost all of our efforts approved with flying colors. Unfortunately this project was over too quickly and I hope we get to work with our friends up north again. As Drew is from Canada and he often missed his homeland I gave him the honor of pushing pixels. Nice job, eh? Once again we tapped into the Airbag Brotherhood of Web Workers Local 415 and brought Tim Murtaugh in to make web standards like with the HTML and CSS.


Yep. We did this thing. Well, it’s not up yet but just keep reading. Debuted during Ethan’s much praised presentation at An Event Apart: Boston, Airbag designed a completely new website for the W3C. It’s smart, clean, blue, different. Needless to say we’re very eager to see this work go live (hopefully in tact) as it will be a shiny, yellowish, new beacon of hope for the future of the Internet. Ethan took this one and ran with it right form the start and from time to time the rest of the Airbag Design Strike Team chimed in to offer support and backup, Yo Joe Style.

That’s it for now, there will be more later. In the meantime we currently have openings for projects starting in late ’08 to early ’09. If you’re smart and looking for other smart people to make your Internet dreams come true then give us a jingle.