The planets have aligned for web designers this month. Adobe finally released their suite of next generation applications, CSSEdit was given a nice upgrade, and Panic, dear, lovely, heavenly Panic reminded us why using a Mac to develop websites is a thousand times better than anything else because their applications only run on a Macintosh. This month we have been given better tools to craft and fabricate web standards based websites from design to development to deployment.

To really appreciate how far we have come you should try finding and using the applications of yesteryear like Adobe Pagemill or Netobjects Fusion. Or try using the original Photoshop 3 and see how far you get before using language combinations normally reserved for prisoner lovers or merchant marines.

Sure the tools we have today have bloated over the years but after kicking the tires on these new and revised applications I’ve got to admit things are getting better, getting better all the time.

Now, if only we can take web design to the next level, beyond the capabilities of the tools we’re using, just like we used too, boy howdy, that would be something to see.