The Fall season always has some weirdness when it comes to announcements of new work. It’s usually around this time that I get a handful of last minute RFPs with aggressive schedules for completing work before the end of the year. In most cases after talking through the project with the potential client they realize that their scope of work would require a Christmas miracle. Not to say that these timelines are impossible, just very improbable. And after receiving proposals from Airbag and our unknown competitors typically the client puts the project on hold until sometime in the next year.

Of course this doesn’t happen for every RFP received in the Fall but I bet I’ve described more than half the RFPs floating around from late September to early November. The whole situation is a bit awkward, frustrating yet rewarding in that everyone could use more practice with interviewing for a job.

This is all to say that if you have a project of any size and you’re seriously ready to get started now is the time to get that job on the boards. To help with your endeavor, Cameron Moll has given Airbag readers a 30% discount off listings of any kind over at Authentic Jobs. To receive this discount use promotion code AIRBAG31 at the time of checkout. As always each job posted is backed by a money-back guarantee:

Now, if you’re really looking for an All Star Team of Giant Talent and Small Egos then by all means please tell us about your project. We love working with good, smart people.