I have just made a deal with the Beautiful Rocket Scientist. Just sold my soul, if you will.

There is a new camera that I have been eyeing for some time. The current, Official camera of Shutterthumb is a Canon Powershot s20, given to me for finishing one decade and starting another. Almost two years ago.

As with all technology, something new is always around the corner. The ‘old’ technology works just fine but this is a new millenium and no one should have to bother with anything ‘old’. The new camera I choose to crave is a Canon PowerShot S230 Digital ELPH weighing in at a mere 6.4OZ. and similar in size to my iPod. It is the flyweight champion of the digital camera world.

While some photographers would love to have the latest model featuring 10 megapixels, full motion video, and a 32OZ. cup holder, I would prefer something smaller. It’s time I had an image grabber that is easy to carry while visiting the planet here and there, something I do now and then.

The PowerShot s230 fits very nicely in the front pocket of slacks, khakis, and even denim jeans. Of course shorts will provide ample room and comfort for those long walks during an exploration of any new city or National Park.

I have one chance, one deal, to prove that I am worthy of such a camera by eating both breakfast and lunch with food prepared from home, thus saving enough money to purchase the ELPH. I am to do this for the next three weeks without fail. Similar challenges have been handed down in the past, yet some weakness in my being has caused me to stumble and loose the bargain.

I will try and keep this in mind as I pass by six Starbucks on my way to work every morning.

Sure you could say, “that’s easy, Starbucks blows chunks” but I will respond that there are worse evils in the world. Besides, Starbucks and I are on good terms right now, if I don’t like their service or drinks, I just send them an email and three days later the Mermaid arrives at my house with free drink coupons to lure me back in.

Call it extortion &#151 I call it victory in disguise.