who was very ethical…was Carter.”

Fidel Castro — May 18, 2001Today more machines that go ‘ping’ were turned off, helping along the lingering death of the Cold War.

President Carter is in Havanna, at the private invitation of Fidel Castro, speaking openly about the need for more personal freedoms for Cubans. Meanwhile in Washington D.C., President Bush announces the agreement with Russia to destroy more nuclear weapons from each countries enormous, and inflated stockpile.

Today the world became a little better place to live.

However monumental each President’s accomplishments might be, they are nothing if not backed by Congressional and popular support. It’s time to put more nails into the coffin of the many misfortunes of our frigid past.

It’s time to forgive, not forget, all the bad blood between the US and Cuba. What does this country have to gain by continuing old policies created in time of difference, fear, and mutually assured destruction? While Castro is not a saint among men; then the Mr or Madam Senator without sin may cast the first stone.

What we have to gain by a renewed ties to our southern neighbor is friendship. Perhaps not the same kind of friendship as two Britney Spears look-a-like, friends in high school, but the kind of friendship that is the opposite of foe. A type of friendship that could do more for democracy and freedom in Cuba than any renewed policies could ever attempt to accomplish.

Even more important is Congressional support for President Bush’s announced treaty with Vladimir Putin on nuclear arms reduction. At a time when Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is going against the grain of stated American military programs, men like Rep. J. C. Watts and Senators Jim Inhofe and Don Nickles are eager to get a chance to strike back at Bush for revenues lost by the recently cut Crusader program.

People of Oklahoma should take a moment to consider how effective the Crusader would have been against the mailbox bomber and scum just like him who will keep attacking us at every cost they can afford. Which is pennies to the thousands of dollars that the military wastes on outdated programs.

It is a time of good news in a world of bad, not a time for more partisanship or long-held, Cold War grudges.

The steps that both Presidents have taken today, I hope, is just the beginning of resolutions to last business of a war never fought.